Dynamics of Secession

I study the dynamics of secession with a particular emphasis on the international and domestic causes of secessionist conflict over time. In my first book – Age of Secession – I use original data to examine the ways in which central governments respond to secessionist demands. In addition, I have published related articles in International Studies Review, Review of International Studies, Nations and Nationalism, and International Organization. I have recently begun a second book on the strategy of secession, a project that is being funded by an ARC (DECRA) Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (2015-2017).


Sovereignty, State Systems, and International Orders

My second research area investigates the organization of the international system, with a specific interest in sovereignty and different types of political order. I am a lead investigator on the International System(s) Dataset (ISD) Project, an effort that critiques the Eurocentric bias in existing datasets and offers both a culturally-neutral concept of the state and a framework for the study of diverse state systems. Research on this project has been published in International Interactions and Review of International Studies, with a forthcoming article in International Studies Quarterly. We are currently working on a book about comparative systems analysis. This project is funded by an ARC Discovery Grant (2016-2018).