Dynamics of Secession

I study the dynamics of secession with a particular emphasis on the international and domestic causes of secessionist conflict over time. In my first book – Age of Secession – I used original data to examine the ways in which central governments respond to secessionist demands. In addition, I have published related articles in a set of journals including International Organization, Nations and Nationalism, and International Studies Review. I am currently working on a second book on the strategy of secession, a project that was funded by an ARC (DECRA) Discovery Early Career Researcher Award.


Sovereignty, State Systems, and International Orders

My second research area investigates the organization of the international system, with a specific interest in sovereignty and different types of political order. I am a lead investigator on the International System(s) Dataset (ISD) Project, an effort that critiques the Eurocentric bias in existing datasets and offers both a culturally-neutral concept of the state and a framework for the study of diverse state systems. Research on this project has been published in International Interactions, Review of International Studies, and International Studies Quarterly. We are currently working on a book about comparative systems analysis. This project was funded by an ARC Discovery Grant.